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44mm stroker cranks for 139qmb

ScrappydogScooters.com is adding 44mm stroker cranks to their already long list of parts available for chinese scooters and motorcycles. These fit the 139qmb 49cc 4stroke chinese standard scooter engine. We'll also be adding several other items. The container that has them was delayed in customers about a week. but are expected to arrive on tuesday, which will also fill those backorders. Price is only 149.95! Supply is limited on these this load, so if you'd like to secure your order, call 702-689-6035. We'll be adding them to our website in the next week or two, but they may be gone by then...not sure.

Like us on facebook or post a video on YouTube and get free shipping

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Sweet! XD

Thank you for the word
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For the scrappy dog +4 crank you need 1.3mm spacing under the cylinder to avoid the piston hitting the valves. I have found that 4 of their base gaskets are perfect spacing. Im still trying to find the perfect jet size for the +4 and the 50mm bbk. With the crank and the 47mm an 88 jet works great. Depending on altitude

139qmb, 49cc chinese scooter, gy6

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