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Nod ATS camper build

Hey y'all I apologize but this will be a slow build thread. I'm actually preparing to relocate back to my stomping grounds so this build will take time and Will take place in two different parts of the US starting in the south and finishing in the north. lol. So a little on the build. Primary Donor scoot is a 150cc gy6 with 12" wheels the scooter it's self is a pile of crap with melted and broken plastics I've already done a mock up of what I want it to be like (sorry can't find pictures). It will be a 150cc "class S" expedition camper. Oh for those of you that stick to blacktop an ATS is an All Terrain Scooter.

Current plans (because we all know they change)

Key components

22X8-10 on 10" wheel from a 50cc for a steer tire
22X11-10 on 10 " golf cart wheels for drive tires (yes I'm going trike)
Fwd/rev gearbox from a gy6 based 150cc buggy (gotta be able to back up)
1" drive axel with differential from northern tools (so it doesn't push on turns)
4X4" step-down hubs (generic easy to find wheels for)
530 chain (haven't narrowed down my sprokets yet)
Unsure on rear shocks yet probably atv front shocks because if I've figured it correctly the overall weight will be 450-500 lbs


Overall length ~9'
Overall Hieght ~6'
Overall width ~4'
Ground clearance ~10"
Top speed 35-40mph
Fuel capacity 5gals

Build details
Using a 150cc scooter front end I've placed a 10" wheel with a 22X8-10 atv tire
On it (yes it's tight) I'm leaving the legroom as it is but making it overall 6feet from the front of the drivers seat to the back wall for my bed platform the drivers seat will lay flat to become part of the bed
It will have a swing arm rear suspension with motor attached to it similar to the 150 buggy but narrower I'm going to keep the scooter controls intact but slim up the handle bars by mounting the gauges to the dash and either putting the fwd/rev shifter on the side of the dash similar to a sprinter or under the seat like a golf cart it's going to be fully enclosed and constructed out of fiberglass the front end will resemble a 3-wheel Asian truck with a class c camper look to the rest of the body. Small storage space around the sides of the bottom for gear storage under the rear just large enough for a 1500-2000w compact 2stroke generator. Let's see .... L.E.D. lighting trough out including fog lights bc there will only be one headlight (scooter headlight) and jeep style tail lights with back up lights all containing led bulbs. 11pole stator (already installed) small car battery installed in a side storage area a pop-up camper power distribution box for shore power and auxiliary battery charging

I'm sure I'm missing a lot because of the jumbled plans in my head 🙃 but if I've missed something or made something unclear please feel free to ask and if I forgot to mention it I'll clarify or if it's something I haven't thought of it will help me a lot

I know this is an unusual, unrealistic, impractical build but it's something It's giving me the chance to pile several things I enjoy together i.e. Scooters, camping, fabricating, off roading, wiring (yes I like wiring). But most of all I'm doing it because... No one else has to my knowledge. That in its self is reason enough for me lol

Pics to come once I figure out how this forum does it lol

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Hey y'all I had a thought.... See what y'all think

I'm debating what I want to use for a frame for the body originally I was thinking a 1"x2" frame but was also thinking 1" sch 40 pvc to reduce weight ... what are your thoughts?
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I have thought about those little Chinese 3 wheel trucks and how they might be the basis for a 3 wheel mini moto camper. They seem prone to tipovers though... bunches of youtube vids showing that. But I always thought a wider track at the rear might reduce that tendency. 10" wheels are pretty small and I'm not sure you are aware that you won't be able to legally use the vehicle on public roads on ATV non-DOT approved tires.

Here is something that might be an inspiration. Amazingly, most of the pics are actually CGI with the designer photo-shopped in.

other images here using a search on bing



Wondering if you've changed your plans or made progress on your project
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150cc, camping, off road, trike

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