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Ok test are in. Wish I had videoed the runs.
1st change on rollers- 3x6g + 3x8g rollers total gave me 7g set...10,000 rpm max and saw 60 mph GPS.
2nd change on rollers- 3x9g + 3x11g rollers total gave me 10g set...8,000 rpm max and saw 58-59 mph GPS.
3rd change on rollers- 3x8g + 3x10g rollers total gave me 9g set.....9,000 rpm max and saw 58-59 mph GPS.
Very windy day here so speeds are off a lot. Gust upwards of 10-15 mph I think.
No gear change yet just trying the roller weight tune kit to figure what rollers to order. Hoca variator came with 12g set x6 but did not try them yet. I need a gram scale lol The Hoca gears are setting in the bottom of the tool box and have not been looked at yet. Did SSP-G buy Hoca out or the other way around? SSP-G is a German based company so quality should be good...I hope. The stock variator rollers had some bad ..and I mean bad flat spots all around them.

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