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Mc-54b-250 engines?

Well I guess I'm asking because I've been looking at the mc-54b-250 and there's more than one engine one is the 257cc Yamaha clone (horizontal engine) the other is a Honda clone I think its either the cf250 or cn250 both are good engines basically from what I've been told is the liniha is a bit harder to work on and parts not as easy to source. Well if I do get this scooter (mc-54b-250).

It would be my first scooter it wouldn't be any real issue apart from myself doing all the PDI stuff. Now what exactly needs to be done to the scooter apart from the fulids like change oil / gear oil, coolant, brake fluid, and change fuel filter add new fuel lines do the same for the vaccum lines. Doesn't sound too difficult the hardest part from what I gather is removing all the body panel's to access the engine I'm not leaving anything out so far? Almost forgot is it required to bleed the brake master cylinder and replace the brake fluid? Ooh and adjust the carburetor after its up and running

oil 10w-40/ 15w40 non senthetic
Gear oil I think its 85w/90
Coolant - its all the same to me any specific kind?
Brake fluid as far as I know Dot3 is pretty universal?

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Ebuddy   Ebuddy is offline
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I would replace all fluids and fuel/air hoses. Probably cooling hoses as well. Double check all nuts and bolts (especially steering and transmission). Replace tire valve stems also. I have the CF250 (Helix, vertical) engine. Runs strong. Carb and engine are very hard to work on/access. Transmission and all other parts are very easy to get to.
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