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2013 Honda PCX 150
by Smaug Smaug is offline 09-20-2017, 03:17 PM

I bought a used PCX with about 5600 miles on the clock. It had a medium Givi windshield, all else was stock.

The engine was excellent. Torquey down low and in the middle RPMs. Instant starting.

Fuel economy was an honest 100 mpg, unless you're on the expressway going over 55 mph constantly. I got as high as 110 mpg and as low as 96.

Top speed was 65, but that's bouncing off the rev limiter. I'm told that it can be made to go 70+ with variator mods. However, I'm not sure I'd mess with it, since it is so torquey (for a 150) around town. The engine is comfortable cruising at 55-60, so rural highways and any kind of urban or suburban riding is on the menu.

The seat on 2013 and earlier models has a mini backrest for the driver. It's useless and taller riders complain it limits their legroom. They often remove it and use vinyl patches on the seat.

Headlights were OK. Better than on my Gunuine Buddy 125, even though the Buddy was a newer Halogen-equipped model. But not adjustable high enough to safely ride at night at over 30 mph. You pretty much need high beam on during the night at any speed.

Rear shocks are the weak point in this bike. It's a very harsh ride, despite having 14" wheels. I'm somewhat young and fit. (41 years old, 172 lbs.) but it's all my back can take to go an hour and a half on this bike, even on good roads. If I kept it, I would budget $500 and a day in the shop to upgrade the rear shocks.

I would get one of these over a Taiwanese 150, but would probably try a Yamaha S-Max if I were to get another 150 class bike. They can go 10 mph faster. Folks complain about the low RPM acceleration and lack of legroom, but being able to cruise at 65-70 instead of 55-60 is a big advantage, in the USA.

This forum is considered the reference point for all things PCX:

Here are a couple shots of mine:

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sc00ter   sc00ter is offline
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Very nice scoot! You also get the added bonus of Honda quality and great aftermarket support. Nice color also! Congrats!
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Heedehcheenuh   Heedehcheenuh is offline
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Congrats. I got my 2015 in July and love it. K-18 model with the LED lights. Added the short GiVi windscreen and did the NCY Variator kit (13g rollers) with a Leo Vince Exhaust. She now hits the rev limiter at 75 mph now. I enjoy her so far.

Chuck D
Ride on.....
2015 Honda PCX150 Metallica Black
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