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Changed my engine oil, as always, used Mobil Delvac 15w/40, cost $1.70 (24 ounces) odometer now at 13,003.5 miles.

The stats on drained oil... 757 miles covered, 32.8 hours of run time, 9.51 gallons of fuel burned. Oil drained was discolored...but nowhere near black. I could go farther than 750 miles between changes, but choose not to.

This scooter runs as well as it ever has, uses/burns no oil... engine is bone dry, no leaks or drips. Always starts quickly, always idles steady.....and has never left me stranded. I think I'll keep doing, what I've been doing......it seems to be working.
2011 Jonway 150cc..13,453 breakdown free miles, and counting

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Today .... I took the float assembly out of the tank and got it working and found a gasket that would fit the sender unit and that should take care of the gas leak when the tank was full and last I checked the gas gauge was working. I also got a bolt and made an attachment point for a broken side panel so it will be more secure until I can find a replacement. It's a work in progress but getting better all the time.
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